We are an online Uganda Tourism Network that seeks to implement ethical and professional tourism standards by utilizing web tools to inclusively connect tourists or visitors to vendors of Tourism products and services in Uganda.

We are an all inclusive network consisting of tourists or visitors to Uganda as well as providers of products or services to the Uganda Tourism industry.

We will again stress that we seek to promote ethical, fair trade and professional standards in the Uganda Tourism industry while placing conservation and ecology as a motivating factor driving our goals.

We intend to take advantage and leverage online internet technology so as to inclusively connect and benefit all that have a positive interest in Uganda Tourism.

We are an online network and not an association. Even though we have independent Uganda Tourism as members of our network, our network is inclusive to other providers of products and services to the Uganda Tourism industry.

we are independent from and are not the Association of Uganda Tourism (AUT) organization.


  • 1 - Blogs with news and relevant topics on Uganda Tourism.
  • 2 - Professional Business Directory pages for business and companies involved or associated with Uganda Tourism.
  • 3 - Posting of tour and safari packages for tourist to buy online with instant payment gateways.
  • 4 - Membership Verification system to very members and assign a verified blue check mark for verified members.
  • 5 - Enterprise Job board and Resume/CV database for Job seekers and Employers in the Uganda Tourism Industry.
  • 6 - Professional Forums for discussions on Uganda Tourism related topics.
  • 7 - Professional schedules and events page for posting Uganda Tourism events and symposiums
  • 8 - Opinion and ideas polls to collect opinions or vote on various topics related to Uganda Tourism
  • 9 - Automated processing of membership fees and management of Tourism network members.
  • 10 - Posting of services solutions like Insurance, Health options for Tourists to buy instantly online
  • 11 - Automated Ads posting and management of Ads by members without the intervention of site admin
  • 12 - Many more services not listed here


  • 1 - Tourists or Visitors: Membership group for tourists, visitors, foreigners or expats to Uganda
  • 2 - Accommodation Providers: Membership group for vendors like Hotels, Lodges, AIRBNB, House renters etc
  • 3 - Transportation Providers: Membership group for vendors like Airlines, Car rental, Truck rentals etc
  • 4 - Food & Beverage Providers: Membership group for vendors like Night clubs, Bars, Restaurants, Cafe's etc
  • 5 - Auxiliary Providers: Membership group for vendors like travel and health Insurance companies
  • 6 - Tourism Providers: Membership group for vendors like Tour operators, Travel agents, Tour guides etc
  • 7 - Tourism Authorities: Membership group for Tourism authority bodies like UTB, UWO, UTO, UGA etc
  • 8 - Other Providers: Membership group for vendors of other tourism products and services not listed above